The models below were derived from NURBs surfaces using the IRIT solid modeling environment. The data is all in the IRIT format, details of which could be found in the user manual.

Few words on these specific data sets. All the data consists of triangles only. Each triangle looks as follows:

[POLYGON [PLANE -0.2142377 0.93292164 0.2894121 -0.8252709]  3
    [[HSqrCurv 0.821374] [KCurv -3.39314] 
        [uvvals "0.25 0.25"] 2.21630859375 1.2895751953125 0.33521484375]
    [[HSqrCurv 0.151514] [KCurv -2.3828] 
        [uvvals "0.25 0"] 2.1796875 1.38515625 0]
    [[HSqrCurv 0.124987] [KCurv -0.701459] 
        [uvvals "0 0"] 1.7 1.275 0]
  1. The "[PLANE ... ]" clause defines the plane (and the normal of the polygon, pointing inside).
  2. The '3' at the end of the line with the POLYGON keyword states that three vertices are to be expected (always the case for these data sets).
  3. Each vertex has the forms of '[[attribute_1 ... ] ... [attribute_N ... ] x y z]'
  4. The 'HSqrCurv' attribute denotes the mean curvature square value of the surface at that vertex.
  5. The 'KCurv' attribute denotes the total (Gaussian) curvature value of the surface at that vertex.
  6. The 'uvvals' attribute provides denotes UV parametric values of the original surface at that location.

The title/picture of each surface below also allows you to download the original NURBs surface, again in IRIT format (see user manual)

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